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Family Mediation, Brooklyn & Manhattan

Family Mediation is a valuable process for resolving family conflict between spouses, siblings, parents/children or any other family members. It provides participants with insights into the dynamics of family relationships which leads to greater understanding and is effective in settling disagreements. Mediation fosters good will and promotes dignity between family members. It teaches skills that can be used over a lifetime to help prevent conflicts in the future.

Some of the many issues that can be resolved through this out of court process are:

  • Issues between spouses
  • Parent/child conflicts
  • Parenting issues (school-work, substance abuse, relationships, curfews or dating; custody/visitation conflicts)
  • Disputes between siblings and other relatives over inheritance
  • Conflicts between family members regarding elder care
  • Family business issues
  • Property issues
  • Conflicts regarding relationships

As your family mediator, I serve as a neutral facilitator to assist you in resolving disagreements in a non-confrontational, transparent and mutually respectful manner. I facilitate conversations, which lead to dignified resolutions through increased mutual understanding of the intricacies of your disagreement.

Additional benefits of family mediation are sound decision-making, greater understanding which often leads to transformation of relationships, decreased resentment, reconciliation of divergent views and improved communication.

If you or someone you know are experiencing family conflicts, give me a call at 917-969-6416 or email me to schedule a consultation in my Brooklyn or Manhattan offices.