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Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

Ending a marriage can be a daunting, sometimes overwhelming task. If you or your spouse have made the difficult decision to dissolve your marriage, you will need an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney to help you get from where you are now to your future, separate lives.  

Divorcing couples must grapple with a host of issues to be resolved such as alimony, child support/visitation or division of assets.  There are various ways to address these difficult issues. Before you make a decision of which path to take, it’s important to realize that the process you engage in can have long lasting effects.  

I believe that the best way to avoid undue emotional, practical and financial conflict is to use an out of court divorce solution such as divorce mediation, collaborative divorce or negotiated settlement.  However, if you feel that you cannot work together and that the only way you can move forward is with the force of the court behind you, I can match you with the right divorce lawyer to litigate your divorce and protect you, your family and your interests.

A Brooklyn divorce attorney, I approach each case with the utmost care, understanding and compassion. If you’d like to discuss your individual situation and learn about the options that would work best for you, don’t hesitate to call 917-969-6416 or click here to email me to schedule a consultation in my Park Slope, Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan office.