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Making Rational Decisions
Choices made during divorce can impact a family’s lives for years to come, so good decision making skills are essential. However, when getting divorced, couples are faced with challenging issues at a time when one’s ability to make clear decisions may be clouded by strong emotions. The divorce mediation process is designed to help you make the best possible decisions for your family and preserve your dignity in spite of these challenges.

divorce mediation

Questions may be swirling around in your head…How can I minimize any negative impact the divorce may have on my kids? How can I continue to be a positive and consistent influence in their lives? How can we divide up our property and possessions fairly? How can we go from supporting one household to supporting two? Will I be financially stable? How can I come out of this divorce holding my head high?

It’s questions like these that can be best addressed in an sensible process such as divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation rather than Litigation

You have a choice. You can each go off and hire your own attorneys to battle it out in brutal court proceedings. If you choose litigation it will likely cost a fortune, be emotionally wrenching, drag you through the mud and subject you to a court system that does not know your family nor share your values, goals, or sense of fairness.

Or, you and your spouse can agree to sit down together with someone like myself, a neutral, impartial Mediator who is trained to help you both dissolve your marriage in a more rational manner on mutually acceptable terms.

The Role of a Divorce Mediator
As your Mediator, I guide and support both you and your spouse through the financial, property, parenting and legal issues that must be settled before you can legally separate or divorce. If difficult emotions are triggered during the process, I help you through them and restore your ability to think rationally so that you can make rational decisions. I work in a manner that preserves your dignity and make certain that both of your needs are met.

In mediation, it is understood that neither of you can achieve your own goals without assuring that the interests of your spouse and any children are also met. In this process, you and your spouse have the chance to voluntarily arrive at decisions that comport with your sense of fairness and align with your values.

As an attorney mediator, I know the law and will ensure that each of you fully understands what is at stake and what you are agreeing to. I will help each of you understand your legal options and responsibilities and avoid potential problems with your divorce agreement. After you reach an agreement on all the issues, you can also hire me to draft the agreement and complete the divorce process by filing it along with other legal papers required to obtain a judgment of divorce.

Mediation Costs Less
A mediated divorce is usually simpler, less expensive and less time consuming than a collaborative or litigated divorce.

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