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alternative dispute resolutionIn addition to divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and mediation friendly services, I can help you with alternative dispute resolution, Prenups and Postnups:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: When most couples marry the last thing they want to think about is what will happen to their property and assets when one spouse dies or in the event of a divorce. A little bit of upfront knowledge is prudent however, as the laws of New York State are not necessarily in alignment with your own sense of fairness. These agreements are not only for the rich. Couples of modest means may also decide to put their wishes into writing in the form a legal agreement. Learn more about Post and Prenuptial Agreements.

Family Mediation: There are a host of other issues that come up in families which can be resolved through mediation such as: spousal conflicts, parent /child conflicts (curfews, school-work, substance abuse, dating, relationship issues), parenting, custody and visitation issues, disputes regarding same sex/opposite sex relationships, sibling conflicts or issues regarding elder care or inheritance. Learn more about Family Mediation.

Community Mediation: In any situation where there is conflict, community mediation can help bridge the gap between parties and help them find a mutually beneficial solution. It can be particularly helpful, less expensive & adversarial than bringing conflicts into a court setting. Some of the areas where community mediation is used are: Tenant/Landlord disputes, conflicts between co-workers, disputes between peers and conflicts between members of communities.

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