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divorce solutionsHelping Couples Find Sensible Divorce Solutions

There are many divorce solutions to choose from. In a litigated divorce, spouses are handed a court-imposed decision that they may not agree with. Litigated divorces, adversarial by nature, trigger high emotional and financial costs, which too often lead to bad decisions and needless suffering for everyone involved.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce Process are sensible divorce solutions that provide platforms for good decision-making. They foster a faster and smoother divorce process, create agreements that are mutually acceptable to both spouses and better outcomes for all.

I’ll help to ensure that each of your needs are met and determine the terms of your divorce by providing a modern divorce solution designed to support, rather than destroy families as they transition into the future.

Here’s how I help find divorce solutions that work for both of you:

Divorce Mediation: As your divorce mediator, I act as a neutral party to help you and your spouse reach an agreement that addresses what is important to each of you. The three of us meet to work out the terms of all the issues that must be resolved when dissolving a marriage. Mediation is the least expensive alternative divorce process and substantially less expensive than litigation. Read more about my divorce mediation services.

Collaborative Divorce: In the Collaborative Divorce process, you and your spouse each hire your own collaborative attorney who advocates and negotiates on your behalf. You, your spouse and your attorneys work together to address the legal, emotional, financial and parenting issues in your divorce.

When issues are sufficiently complex, you can opt to add experts to the team such as child specialists, financial and mental health professionals. Together, the professional team provides guidance and support to help you and your spouse maintain your dignity and develop the best possible outcome. Each spouse and team member signs a pledge that supports your commitment to stay out of court even if negotiations become difficult. Read more about the collaborative divorce process.

I also offer Mediation Consulting, where I work on your sole behalf outside a divorce mediation that is being facilitated by another Mediator. It’s ideal for those who want the simplicity of mediation, but want added legal counsel to consult with during the process, or simply to review a draft agreement solely on your behalf at the conclusion of mediation. I help you evaluate settlement options, make educated decisions and better advocate and negotiate for yourself during the mediation.

If you have completed mediation and reached an agreement on all terms with a mediator who is not drafting your Settlement Agreement, I will draft that Agreement for you. You can also hire me to prepare and file the legal papers required to obtain a Judgment of Divorce that will dissolve your marriage. Read more about my Mediation Consulting Services.

Negotiated Settlements: I work with your spouse’s attorney to negotiate an agreement on your behalf. This is appropriate for people who know they cannot work together productively but want to resolve their divorce peacefully, amicably and inexpensively, in the spirit of cooperation.

If your spouse does not want to be involved in the divorce process but is willing to sign an Agreement and/or divorce papers, I work with you to develop and draft a Marital Settlement Agreement that your spouse can sign with or without hiring their own attorney. Once the Agreement is signed, I can prepare the legal papers required to obtain a Judgment of Divorce that will dissolve your marriage.

Uncontested divorce: If you and your spouse agree on all issues in your divorce, you may simply want to have an attorney prepare and file the court documents required to obtain a Judgment of Divorce that will dissolve your marriage. This is called an uncontested divorce. This is often appropriate for couples who have been married a short time, have little or no assets, or who separated long ago but never divorced.

Litigation: In the event that none of the other processes make sense to you and you prefer to litigate, I will match you up with the right litigator, transfer the file and get the litigating attorney up to speed on the details of your situation.

Other ways I can help:
In addition to divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, Mediation Consulting and Uncontested divorce services, I also offer several other out of court services. Learn more.

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